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Relaxation Massage

The purpose of this massage is to melt stress, improve circulation and leave you feeling refreshed.  

60 Mins - $65                 90 Mins- $95

Package of 5-  60 min    $275

Half and Half Massage

The purpose of this full body massage is to not only relax and rejuvenate . This session includes time devoted to a trouble area. Whether it be carrying stress in the shoulders or oodles of hours at the computer, we often enjoy extra time on exhausted areas.  

60 Mins - $75               90 Mins - $105

Package of  5-  60 min     $310

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Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

The purpose of this massage can be either full body or site specific. This type of massage is a slow, intense and detailed treatment on the areas that are giving the most problems. The purpose is to release muscles and fascia, eliminating aches and pains. Often brought on by previous injury, posture and repetitive motion. Deep DOES NOT mean Pain!  We breathe through discomfort.

60 Mins - $80                                         90 Mins - $110

Package  of 5- 60 min    $325 ($15 off each massage)

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Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

The purpose of this massage is  to devote all the time to NB&S. Whether it be  due stress, work, or just because~  This session hits the spot.

30 minutes - $35