*​Chocolate Massage​​​​*

BRAND NEW,  AMAZING and Showerless!

There are several purporses/benifits of this massage~

The cacao butter that is used is 100% raw and organic straight from Equador.

The butter is a fabulous moisturizer full of antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin.

This is sugar free~ meaning no shower needed, not sticky, and color free. 

The smell is enough to float you to a place of relaxation~ instantly!

This is a MUST TRY service! Highly recommend you schedule one...

NOW! :)

60 Mins                      $75

With essential oil              $80    

Relaxation Massage


The purpose of this massage is to melt stress, improve circulation and leave you feeling refreshed.

Light to Medium Pressure

60 Mins                          $60

90 Mins                          $90

Half and Half Massage

The purpose of this full body massage is to not only relax and rejuvenate, but to include time devoted to a trouble area. Whether it be carrying stress in the shoulders or oodles of hours at the computer, we often enjoy extra time on exhausted areas.  

Pressure varies per client

60 Mins                        $70

90 Mins                        $100

Deep Tissue~ Therapeutic Massage

The purpose of this massage can be either full body or site specific. This type of massage is a slow, intense and detailed treatment on the areas that are giving the most problems. The purpose is to release muscles and fascia, eliminating aches and pains. Often brought on by previous injury, posture and repetitive motion.

The difference between deep and therapeutic is deep requires client input and participation. Deep may also require several sessions to address and maintain long- standing conditions. Both relieve muscle tension, provide pain relief, loosen scar tissue and lengthen muscles.

Deep DOES NOT mean Pain!

We breathe through discomfort.

~Hurting isn't healing~

60 Mins                       $80

90 Mins                         $110

​​Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

The purpose of this massage is to concentrate where life seems to land. Pressure will be judged accordingly along with stretching, myofascial release, and trigger point work. Whether it be long hours at the computer, repetitive motions, lifting, or sleeping wrong...

This session hits the spot.

30 minutes                        $40

**Packages are Available**

In Home Sessions 

call to inquire on pricing and availability 

~Gift Certificates are ALWAYS Available~

Massage Menu

*​Per client the use of the following is available~

cupping, KT taping, MaxRub and Pure Wave

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