Pricing on adding this to your services will vary. 

 I use fractionated coconut oil as the carrier oil.

 Oil blends are available to purchase

Several sizes~ 2 ml dram - 2 oz.

I'd love to share my knowledge and testimony with you.

I do not push these oils, I am very understanding that we all have our own opinions regarding them.

~An open mind can open new doors~

***This avenue of my practice is still a work in progress ( pricing, marketing, etc)***

But I couldn't keep it all in...

I'm very excited to open this new door !!!


It is in my experience, that oils alone and combined have an abundance of healing properties.  Every client is different. From what smells are tolerable to what it is you are wanting from the oils. There many recipes to gain ample benefits from. I encourage trying them, giving them a fair chance. 


***Essential Oils***

No Monkey Business Massage Therapy, LLC

In my practice, the oils I use,  as well as recommend are~



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